Enhanced SCD

The following suggestions have been found to greatly enhance SCD but they are not required. Elaine Gottschall did not require these measures because she did not want the diet to become too expensive and out of the reach of most people. However, Elaine was aware of the benefits of organic foods, grass fed meat and other food issues that are promoted by the Weston A Price Foundation.

Organic fruit and vegetables.

Raw goat milk for making the yogurt.

Meat from grass fed animals.

No antibiotics or hormones in meat.

Fermented foods starting with the fermented juice.
SCD and Fermented Foods
Recipes for fermented foods

Chicken soup and bone broths have natural anti-inflammatory properties and help heal the digestive system.
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Juices made from raw fruit and vegetables. (See explanation below)
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SCD is a very natural way to detoxify the body
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