Why are fresh juices so beneficial for people with bacterial overgrowth?

Fresh juices contain anti-oxidants and vitamins that protect us from some of the damage produced by bacterial toxins. They allow us to tolerate a greater variety of plants during the early stages of SCD. However, juicing is not required on SCD.

When can you start to introduce the juices?

Elaine recommended waiting until brisk diarrhea is gone before drinking juice.

What kind of fruits or vegetables are you allowed to juice?

You can juice any legal fruits or vegetables, but you also need to make sure that you can tolerate that plant. When juices are introduced, peels and skins should be removed. As symptoms improve, juicing can be done with the peels on. You do not need to cook the fruits or vegetables that will be used for juicing.

Why should juices always be diluted with water?

Juices should be diluted with water at least 50% because they contain too much fiber. This does not apply to tomato juice because tomatoes contain little fiber. Carrot juice should be filtered to remove pulp when symptomatic or starting juicing.

Why does juicing permit you to tolerate a greater variety of vegetables and fruits?

Since all vegetables and fruits belong to the plant kingdom, their cells have a cell wall along with a plasma membrane. The cell wall is celluose and is much easier on most of us than the peels of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, many people with digestive problems have difficulties tolerating the cellulose. There is no way except juicing that would allow you to eliminate the cell wall. Cooking is another method that helps us tolerate the cellulose; it softens the cell walls and makes them easier to digest.

Why do you need to proceed very slowly with juicing?

Pure juice on its own is a powerful laxative. Some SCDers have used it as a natural laxative. Others have found that the juices can cause cramping, etc.

What is a good vegetable to use at the beginning of juicing?

Romaine is the ideal base. Then add EITHER celery, spinach, or parsley (each has a very strong flavor on its own) along with one carrot.

What are good greens to juice?

Any greens, including spinach, kale, chard, and collard. Other vegetables such as cabbage and celery are good also. Be cautious, trying them one at a time to see how you tolerate them before combining. Also, be aware that if you overdo the juiced greens, which is easier to do than when eating them whole, you may look a bit orange for awhile.

What vegetables or fruits are particularly important to juice?

Carrot and garlic are great natural anti-fungals. Garlic has been found to be very helpful in preventing bacteria from forming large colonies. One woman could not tolerate any regular garlic but was surprised to see that she had no reaction to juiced garlic. Cabbage contains natural probiotics. Fermented cabbage juice is particularly rich in probiotics. Link to recipe for making Fermented Cabbage juice

Why do fresh juices need to be consumed as soon as possible?

Due to their low acid content, vegetable juices quickly lose enzyme activity. It is recommended that vegetable juices be consumed within 15 minutes of their preparation. When apple or carrot juice turns brown, it has oxidized.

Juices that are not made fresh such as bottled or canned ones sold in stores will NEVER oxidize as the juice has been heated to kill all the enzymes. The enzymes are one of the key reasons why making fresh juice in a juicer can be so beneficial.

What juicer is recommend and what features are considered important?

The Omega 4000 is very good, although it is expensive. It also can be used to make nut butter, coconut milk, etc. It has been discontinued, but you still might be able to find one. The company has introduced a replacement model. When choosing a juicer, low centrifuge is an important consideration as is ease of cleaning.
www. discountjuicer.com/bestjuicer.html is a good source of information. Click here to view this website.

Can you use a Vitamix or blender to juice?

For beginners, blenders and the Vitamix should NOT be used in preparing juices unless the pulp is strained out. It contains too much fiber for beginners. Additionally, there have been reports that the Vitamix gets too hot and might destroy the beneficial enzymes.