Parents' comments about SUPPLEMENTS & SCD

Many people have found it easier to stop the supplementss when the diet is introduced and then add them back one at a time, once any die-off has happened and you are seeing some steady progress.
a)it's easier to track the effects.
b)you may find you don't need all of the supps you were using before.
However, some parents have discovered there is one or more supplements they are unwilling to do without. There is no definite "right or wrong" here. SCD is about listening to your gut and your child's and doing what feels right each step of the way. Not everyone approaches it this way, I'm sure, but I have found for me, it has been the way to go.
Good luck. The diet is wonderful.
Allison in Ottawa
SCD 7 months+

As far as reintroducing the supplements, this is my personal opinion of how I would bring them back in. First, I'd bring in a good, SCD legal probiotic. That is absolutely critical. Then, I'd bring in a multi vitamin a few days later. After that, I'd start the CLO or EFA for those good brain fats.

Then, I'd do a B12. If you can get the B12 in injection form, you could put that back in as well. That way would bypass the gut, so shouldn't cause problems. Folate(folinic or folic acid) and B12 usually go hand in hand, and you can see hyperactivity/aggressive behavior come out if the two aren't working together.

You've got to get that gut repopulated with good bacteria first. Then, you want to bring in a general SCD legal mutlivitamin for general health since she's limiting her foods right now. Next, you'd want those good, brain developing fats, and the B12 will help with brain development, language. Remember to check on folinic acid with the B12. I really think that you're going to see great results with SCD.

Meleah SCD 05/06

We found any drop of illegals made a difference with Colin.

Jen Young