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The DCCC (made from cow's milk) is the worse SCD food for children who have a reaction to casein because it is the SCD dairy product whose casein has the most closest resemblance to the casein in cow's milk.

According to the DAN doctors the casein from cow's milk produces an opiate effect on children with ASD. The internet is filled with stories about autistic children who have severe reactions to casein.

Why then do children with autism who have casein sensitivity tolerate the goat yogurt and IMPROVE after eating it. (This happens after a couple of months with SCD and every child is different.)

There are three reasons as to why children with autism who have casein sensitivity tolerate the goat yogurt:
1 There is the beginning of gut healing after a couple of months of SCD.
2 The casein in products made from goat milk is more tolerated than the casein in products made from cow milk.
3 The fermentation process changes the structure of casein and makes it more tolerable.

Unfortunately, most of the dry curd cottage cheeses are made from cow milk. There is only one place to get goat DCCC in the USA and none in Canada.

Moreover, fermentation process of the DCCC uses a shorter time and lower temperature. Lower temperature and a shorter time does not produce as many bacteria that can ferment the DCCC and alter the casein as much as the yogurt fermentation process. therefore it does not alter the casein as much as yogurt made with cow yogurt.

The SCD goat yogurt is fermented at 100-110 F for 24 hours in order to eliminate lactose, the milk sugar. The SCD legal hard cheeses are fermented for months.

The DCCC cheese uses both separation and fermentation to get rid of the lactose. The DCCC cheese is fermented at 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit for 16 to 24 hours. As you can see this is much less powerful fermentation process and does not alter the structure of casein as much as fermentation process of the SCD goat yogurt or the hard cheeses.

Link to the website of the university of Missouri with directions for making DCCC

The fermentatin process for DCCC cheese does not need a to be as powerful as that of yogurt making since the separation helps with eliminating the lactose. It is fine for people with GI problems who only need to worry about avoiding lactose but not appropriate for children with casein sensitivity.