Directions for Doing SCD

Inspirational message will be written here. TEMPORARY Message: Dear parent,

You are about to embark on a very special journey mission: saving your child from pathogenic bacteria and their toxins.The bacteria have invaded your child's body and brain. The bacteria have found developed ingenious techniques to avoid being attacked by the body's immune system and by antibiotics. and they are tenacious

But you are more tenacious because you love your child more than anything in the world. Nothing will stop your determination to (fight for your child)save your child. You are lucky Your persistence led you to this amazing diet and its ability to starve the bacteria while being safe for your child.

You will read all the links that are required and also the ones that are relevant to your child. If the diet will not work at first then you will reread these webpages or seek help from the list and the SCD counselors. You will not give up because

The SCD diet isn't always easy to follow. It requires patience and careful observation. But nearly everyone on it seems to agree: The SCD diet is WELL WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT it takes to follow it.

The first 7 links are required reading for everyone. The other links are for those who need more help.

How to Succeed with SCD

SCD Protocol

Begin the Diet

SCD and the Nut Diet

The Stages
Chart for the gradual introduction of foods.

Food Preparation


Ready Made Foods

How to Improve your Results with SCD

Very important information for people who want to understand why they are not getting the results that they want.

SCD Compliant Remedies for Common Ailments

How to Gain Weight

Problems with the digestion of meats.


Help for Constipation

Children who are picky eaters