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Ready Made Foods


List of legal commercial juices:

-Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice in refrigerated cardboard container, bottles or jugs or refrigerated six pack "minis."
-Heinz and Campbell's canned Tomato juice
-Gogo Juice is pear juice made especially for SCD

-ONLY the Knudsen's *Just Juice* line (not the rest of their products):


Just Black Cherry
  Just Blueberry
  Just Cranberry
  Just Pomegranate
  Organic Just Concord Grape
  Organic Just Tart Cherry

-Kedeem Organic grape juice
-Welch's 100% Grape juice (Red, Purple and white) in glass bottles or plastic jugs
-Freshly pressed, pasteurized refrigerated non sparkling Apple Cider with no added sweetener.

Dole Pineapple Juice is no longer legal! We suggest that all members of the SCD community go to
and scroll down to the "Contact Us" and let Dole know what you think of their action in changing a formerly safe product.

A while ago, a list member called both Welch's and Tropicana about their calcium fortified juices. BOTH companies use a calcium supplement that has starch in them. This makes their calcium fortified juices illegal.

Recently, Tropicana changed their packaging; both the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice with calcium and the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice without calcium look almost identical. You need to inspect to insure that you are buying juice without any added calcium.

There is no designated Pecanbread person to investigate the legality of foods. Even if there were, it is up to each person to decide if they wish to take the risk of an unlisted food. In the case of juice, our approved list contains widely available brands.
Homemade food is more delicious and nutritious.

List for SCD baked goods.

Digestive Wellness.

SCD Bakery

JK Gourmet

These are good sources for grain-free, starch-free, gluten-free, yeast and lactose free baked goods. Some contain advanced ingredients like nut pieces and dried fruits so use according to the stage of progress you are at. Children should not use nut pieces, peanut butter, seeds and dried fruits during the first months of the SCD diet. (Nuts are easier to digest when they have been ground up into nut flour or butter )

As well, some of these websites contain other ready made foods that we cannot vouch for although the companies declare they are suitable for SCD. We always like to caution that you use such items at your own risk as we cannot validate the ingredients personally.

List of SCD frozen meals.

This website provides children with the SCD version of popular foods such as Chicken Nuggets and Pizza. Please be aware that these foods are not for people who are beginning the SCD.

All of the beans in these products are soaked and prepared in strict accordance with SCD requirements. However, beans are considered an "advanced food" on SCD and should be used with caution.. Please try a very small piece the size of a dime and see if your child tolerates it. If your child does not tolerate it then freeze the food and retry after several months.

Caleb's Cooking Company Store


The Pecan Bread Protocol was originally written for children with autism. However, many adults with digestive disorders or other conditions of bacterial overgrowth have found it to be very helpful; they got good results after failing with the standard methods of SCD! Several doctors have also recommended the Pecan Bread Protocol to their patients.

The following web pages will help you:

SCD Protocol.
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Common Mistakes
Food Journal.
If you experience problems then the following web pages may be helpful: SCD and Yeast
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