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Sample Menu

Stages are indicated by Number, "I" means "Intro"
1 is for Stage 1 recipes. 2 is for Stage 2 recipes.

When you click on a food, you will see the recipe for making it.

Breakfast ideas:

Banana Pancake-1
Pear pancakes - 1

Butternut Squash Pancakes-2

Plain Nut Butter Pancakes-2

Nut butter cake/muffins -2

Scrambled eggs - I

Hard Boiled Eggs - Intro

Dairy free smoothie - 1

Pear sauce - 1

Soup in a Mug - Intro

Lunch and Dinner ideas:

Burger Patties - Intro

Broiled Chicken Burger - Intro

Baked Chicken - 2

Roast Chicken (meat only) - Intro

Chicken Pancakes - Intro Photo!

Chicken Cupcakes -2 Nut-free!

A Chicken Carrot Soup

Pureed Carrots (cooked for 4 hours) - Intro

Pureed Carrots cooked in a pressure cooker (cooked for 1 hour) - Intro

Zucchini Noodles

Mashed butternut squash - 2

Squash French Fries - 2

Carrot curls - 4

Egg Pizza - 1

Snack ideas:

Nut butter cake w/o flour-2

Applesauce or Pearsauce-Baked - 1
Applesauce or Pear sauce-Boiled - 1

Applesauce or Pearsauce-CrockPot - 1

Ripe bananas - 1

Squash French Fries - 2

Carrot curls - 4

Nut butter muffins - 2

Boiled eggs - Intro

Dairy free smoothie - 1

Grape or Apple Cider "Jello" - Intro

Squash Buttons -2

Nut-free Dairy-free Bread -1