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Getting Help in the Kitchen
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Internet Support

We have an internet group that focuses on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™.
Many, but not all of the members, have children with ASD.
All who are following or who are interested in the SCD™ are welcome to join our group.

The Pecanbread discussion group is located on Yahoo Groups.
Parents can ask each other questions, update each other regarding the progress of their child, and provide each other with support.

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If you prefer to read the messages online or you want to join the group via the internet, please click here.

For those of you who have never used a Yahoo! Group before:

How to use Yahoo! Groups

To access the Yahoo! Groups features, you must first have a Yahoo! ID and password.
If you do not already have one, creating one is very simple.
  1. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, under "New users", click "Click here to register" and follow the instructions.

Once you have a Yahoo! ID you can access the group’s homepage by going to Pecanbread Yahoo! group and then signing in to Yahoo! and visiting the homepage via your web browser.

Yahoo! Groups features and what our site contains:
  • Messages: You can read all messages that have been posted to the group since the day it was opened. Also has a search feature at the top right-hand corner, which allows you to search the archives for specific topics.
  • Chat: Allows you to chat with the other members of the group.
  • Files: Some success stories shared by parents and our group's guidelines for posting.
  • Database: A place where people can find others nearby who are following the SCD.
  • Links: Links related to SCD.

You may also change your preferences by going to the group’s homepage and editing your membership. On the right-hand side of the group’s homepage click "Edit My Membership". From there you can change your profile, opt for individual emails, daily digest, special notices, or no emails. You can also edit your message format to convert to HTML or to not convert to HTML.

If you need further assistance in accessing the features of Yahoo! Groups, please feel free to contact Sheila.

Why is it important to join the list?

Many important details are not in the book. Being part of a list brings you Support, Encouragement and Motivation.

There are many things we learned from Elaine when she participated on SCD lists. These bits of "SCD Wisdom" are shared and passed on to newcomers. You will also gain from the shared experiences of the many resourceful parents by participating and you can learn to avoid mistakes by reading about the mistakes of others.

Never be afraid to reveal that you made a mistake. Even the best SCD experts once made mistakes when they started out.

How to get help from the list.

When posting to the list, it is really helpful if people remember to say what foods they are eating, how long on the diet, and if appropriate what supplements they are giving their kids. Include this under your name/signature:

Sharon Smith,
Daughter 3 yrs. old, mild ASD, bowel problems, some food allergies

Local Support Groups


Looking for someone in your area who is experienced with the SCD?
Or would you like to volunteer help people on their journey to healing?

Grammy Bauer keeps a list of people who have followed the SCD for at
least one year and who are willing to help others in their area.

Contact: Grammy_Bauer@yahoo.com or hebegb70@hotmail.com.
Please put SCD PALS in the subject line.


Name of Group: Biological Interventions for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (BIASD).
Location: We meet the second Friday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at Fruitville Library on Fruitville Rd. in Sarasota, FL.
Contact: Dianna Brown, E-mail is biasdsarasota@earthlink.net.


Name of Group: SurreySCD group
Location: Meeting times to be set up in the future.
Contact: Yvonne. Please call: 07973 290773


Name of Group: Austin SCDiet Friends
Location: Watch www.austinscdfriends.com for updates
Please read our detailed story and find SCD help at: www.austinscdfriends.com

Contact: Kay Stence, CHHC, AADP
Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
1863 Greenwood Lane
Kingsland, TX 78639 U.S.A.


Name of Group:UCLBS
UCLBS members stay in touch through the Net and get together regularly to share delicious SCD potluck meals, swap recipes, and support each other's healing. We'd love to welcome you as a member.
Click here to view the group website


Name of Group:SCD Vancouver
Location:Meetings: First Saturday of every month, 3-5pm
Vancouver, BC, Firehall Branch of Vancouver Public
Library, NE 10th & Granville
Click here to view the library's website
Group Website:
Contact: Theresa tm_marion@yahoo.ca
A group for people new to or already following the SCD. For mutual support and sharing. Children welcome.

If you would like your group listed here, please send the following information to the Pecanbread.com owner.:
  • The name of your group
  • Where and when the group meets
  • Contact info (either phone number or e-mail address)

Being listed on this page does not constitute official endorsement of any group.

Getting Help in the Kitchen

SCD might appear overwhelming at first for many parents of children with ASD. Some moms and dads are unable to get a good night rest because their child wakes them up, and they are unable to cook when a child requires constant care, and special lessons in speech, music, listening and social skills.

If possible, get extra help in cooking. Find some volunteers in the community. Seek out senior citizens or teens who want to contribute community service. Go to the high school or senior center in your area. Instead of paying out lots of money for doctors, spend on someone to come for a few hours (two to five) a week to cook. Internet recipes can be translated to foreign languages in case you would like to hire an immigrant.

Compare SCD to ABA or other intensive early interventions; they require hired helpers for as much as forty hours a week. SCD is just as powerful a tool if not more and yet it requires only those two to five extra hours a week to provide a good supply of suitable home prepared foods. (When we changed from GFCFSF to SCD the cooking was just as easy as GFCFSF and had less stringent requirements about utensils etc.)

Vegetables took the place of rice and potato, baked goods were achieved using nut flour. SCD food is delicious and attractive. There are now well over one thousand recipes in existence, many are free.

How to Get Support from Those around You

Dieting of any sort is a very subjective and personal procedure. Only an extremely strong, independent person succeeds without interest and approval from family, friends and health care professionals. It is proven that those requiring a special diet do better with support. It can be frustrating to explain your diet to curious and well meaning significant others and to sometimes have to defend your new eating plan. Nothing succeeds like success and as progress takes place, chances are you will win the doubters over.

Your best strategy is to reinforce your own belief in your SCD. Understand the science behind it. Manipulating the food supply of bad bacteria and causing them to die off is the procedure and it has proven very effective. Share some of the success reports you have read along with the numerous professional articles that have appeared in medical journals or written by physicians.

You will be most vulnerable when you start the diet because of the challenge of changing foods and coping with the initial die off symptoms.

Take advantage of the information and personal support available on the Internet.

Share your own progress with others so they can draw on wide experiences. Make every effort to adhere strictly to the diet in order to ensure best results. Review the BTVC and websites frequently.

Commit for a strict one month trial of SCD.

Believe in what you are doing and strive to do it well! You are not alone.

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