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Dental Cleaning: The Polish May Contain SCD Illegal Ingredients

I'm a dental hygienist. No the traditional flavored pumices that they use aren't SCD legal if you swallow them (mint, grape, etc). They have artificial colors and flavors in them. However, some offices also carry a non flavored pumice, but you'd have to check the ingredient list to see what's in it b/c I don't recall off hand. Perhaps ask your dentist or hygienist about that. Also, you can always bring in your own toothpaste concoction if you prefer, and ask if they will use that with their handpiece to polish you. My guess is that they won't mind. I've used non abrasive toothpaste on patients who can't handle the traditional pumice (sensitive teeth issues), but still like the feel of being polished at the end of their cleaning.


There might be objectionable ingredients in pre-mixed plain pumice. The hygienist can mix plain pumice with water in the office. My hygienist has used both on me, and I reacted to the pre-prepared version. It probably has something in it to prohibit mold growth, but I really don't know. I always ask to have her mix it when she's ready to polish my teeth, and I'm fine.

Susan E

We asked our dental hygienist to use plain pumice paste and she did so with no problem. We also asked her not to use the grape flavored gloves that she normally uses.


I asked our dental hygienist to use plain baking soda and she was willing to use it. It worked well. It is a good idea to ask in advance.

There will be an increase in oral bacteria during the first months of SCD. This might be due to starving bacteria who are migrating from the gut to the mouth.

Also this diet tends to create a lot of plaque so we now go to the dentist 1 X month for cleanings (no pressure from them as they are a very busy practice; I thought it would be a good idea and the hygienist agreed).

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