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Goat Milk Yogurt Starter

Mimi, who moderates on both the ElainesChildren and SCDietKids listservs, writes:

Many of the members of my SCD list who are milk sensitive do well with homemade goat yogurt. We have found that we need a goat yogurt as a starter. After a lot of research we have found a goat yogurt that has the right probiotics; exactly the 3 probiotics that Elaine recommends. The name of the yogurt is Mystic Lake and it was discovered by Christine C. (Rosethrush).

The manufacturers are so cooperative that they are even making a gelatin free version for us.The yogurt lasts 6 weeks in the refrigerator and is only to be used as starter for making your own SCD yogurt.

Even extremely milk sensitive children are thriving with the goat yogurt. My children have improved so much with the goat yogurt.

Mystic Lake will ship the yogurt overnight express for anyone in the USA. They give us a special price of $3 a quart. The results are well worth the shipping cost! If enough of us call they will make the gelatin-free version on a regular basis.

My family does well on their standard version. We have not yet tried the gelatin-free version.

Call 425-868-2029 for Mystic Lake.

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