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Pea Flour / Pea Protein concentrate / Legume concentrate

20th Jan 04Elaine writes:
No pea protein concentrate, no legume concentrate. This is very bad. It falls into the same category as bean flour. The type of starch in these legumes is uncertain. This is so because there are hundreds of different cultivars (species) due to breeding techniques and I cannot spend my next two lives investigating the starch molecules of legumes.

When we boil peas, split peas, any of the legal legumes, we are saturating the starch in them with water. That decreases the starch content by about 75% (just a guess). When we remove the water as is done in bean flour and in these concentrates (such as pea, etc.) we are consuming the starch content 100%

Now if the pea protein is used as a filler for a supplement, that is different. The filler is a minuscule amount and if the supplement is, as you have said "critical" then, of course use it.

From the LI listserve:Elaine writes:
No pea flour. Certainly, do not use it in baking.
Later on if you want a few tablespoons in a liquid recipe where the flour
can become hydrated by water, it might be tolerated.

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