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Advice about Restaurants from List Members

We had to do a few restaurant meals & the minute people are told it is a matter of 'allergies' they are extremely co-operative - more than willing to look at ingredients & bend the menu to accommodate the diet.

I have to say that we kept away from the ubiquitous fast food/multinational food corporations, assuming that the smaller, local restaurants would be more accommodating,

Try to order very simple meals such as plain cooked vegetables or grilled meat. You may bring your own dressing. The more simple the food, the less likely there will be a mistake in the preparation. The waiter in one restaurant assured my father that a certain dish did not contain any sugar. After my father became sick eating that dish, he found that the waiter had made a mistake.
I made the mistake of ordering steamed veggies at a restaurant. They made me SO sick because they weren't steamed long enough. Never again!
A restaurant let me inspect the food preparation. I noticed that they were using the same teaspoon for sugar and salt. The teaspoon was full of sugar when they added the salt to our food. Make sure that they clean the grill or any other cooking utensil that they use to cook your food. This includes any spoons or spatulas.

If you use restaurants do not blame SCD if you do not get great results!

Be very specific about steaks and plain fish - the latter only with oil or butter or ask to speak with the chef. Tell them it is medical. No sauce, etc.

Check with the maitre d before you enter the restaurant that you will be able to have food made according to your requirements.

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"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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