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What are probiotics?
How and when to introduce probiotics
Allowed brands of probiotics

What are probiotics?

Probiotic bacteria are live bacteria that can withstand the rigors of the human digestive system. In the large intestine, they boost the numbers of beneficial bacteria by stimuliating their growth and/or activity. This helps to improve the gut flora balance.

When and How to Introduce Probiotics

Probiotics should be introduced no sooner than 5 days after starting the diet.

When probiotics are introduced it should be done slowly. Gradually work up to using 1.5 billion cells 2 times a day. It is best to take probiotics on an empty stomach (30 minutes before eating).
Elaine recommends no more than 3 billion cells per day.

Some children exhibit increased hyperactivity or aggression when they start the probiotics. Other children get digestive symptoms.

Store probiotics in the refrigerator to maintain their potency.

Allowed brands of probiotics

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