by Liz

1 cup of finely ground cooked chicken (better boiled than baked)
cup of ground cooked green beans (or another veggie/s)
2-3 ground or cut raw garlic cloves
olive oil (or another)
spices (optional)
chicken liver (optional)

1. Combine the chicken, green beans, liver, and garlic in a bowl.
You can also just grind the chicken, green beans, liver, and the garlic together in the food processor.
Add spices or seasoning if you like. It should come out moist and pasty like tuna salad.
2. Roll into little meatballs and flatten like patties.
3. Add sufficient olive oil in a pan or they'll stick.
4. Fry the little patties on both sides until brown.
I tried baking them they came out bad!
They should look like tiny breaded burgers.
Sprinkle with salt.