Easter Ideas

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Gelatin Eggs

Make gelatin eggs using a Jell-o mold and the Knox blox recipe from the Knox gelatin pacakage.

Honey Sticks

You can get these at many health food stores.

Easter Eggs (candy recipe)

2 cups of finely ground pecans
10 tablespoons of melted ghee
salt to taste
3 tablespoons of beekeepers’ honey
Grated coconut

Pecans can be ground finely in a sturdy blender.
Mix pecanflour, melted ghee, honey and salt. Roll out on a serving tray and sprinkle with grated coconut.
Put in the freezer till firm, but not 100% frozen.
Cut with a pizza slicer (dice, triangles, etc) and freeze.
These Easter eggs are kept in the freezer.
For ‘real’ Easter eggs, roll tiny balls and cover with saved Easter egg foil.
(Grated coconut is not recommended in the initial stages of SCD. )

Easter Cookies

Use one of the SCD recipes for cookie cutter or cookie press cookies and make cookies in Easter shapes (bunnies, eggs, crosses, etc.)

Peanut Butter Caramels

Pour carmels into oiled candy molds in Easter shapes.  
Put in freezer. When hard, you can pop out the candy, wrap in plastic, store in fridge.  
Shapes will hold up in fridge.  I don’t know that they would hold shape overnight if hidden in baskets at room temp – the bunny made need to make a visit while the kids are in the bathroom after rising, or otherwise distracted if you want to hide basket with this candy.

Non-Candy Items in Eggs

Fill colored plastic eggs with coins, bills, or small toys in them, or stickers.

Non-Candy Items in Basket

Put colored chalk, small toys, etc. in child's Easter basket.

Muffins in Easter Wrappers

Bake your child's favorite SCD muffin in Easter cupcake wrappers.

Mini Meringues in Plastic Eggs

Make verysmall meringues (size of m&ms) and place them in the plastic eggs.

Mini Marshmallows in Plastic Eggs

Cut with marshmallows with Easter cutters or cut small ones with a chapstick cap and put into them in plastic eggs.

Bunny Cake

Make two layer round cake.  
Cut one “ear” shape off each side of one layer.  You end up with the middle piece kind of bow-tie shaped, like this:  )(
Arrange on a cutting board or cookie sheet/jelly roll pan with ears at top, then 2nd round layer for face, bow tie at bottom.
Frost with white frosting (honey frosting in BTVC for one).  
Sprinkle with coconut if you are at that stage (this is optional).  
Add eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers with raisins, dried fruit, carrot curls (whiskers) or thin strip of other veggie.  
You can always discard if you think no one wants to eat veggie on their cake!  
You can sprinkle ground dried strawberry on the bowtie part for color.

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