Halloween Ideas

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† For Halloween I made the honey suckers and instead of pouring them. I waited until they cooled a bit, then pulled it like taffy, made a ball shape, put a sucker stick in, wrapped in nice candy cellophane paper with stickers. Keep in the freezer.
-- Carol in IL

I made the pumpkin pie filling recipe and it came out great. I used a mini muffin pan and little halloween muffin papers and it came out pretty close to being a little muffin, just a little moister. Then, I made some orange frosting and put a little on the top of each one. This was a real treat for my son since he can't have any of the nut flours.
-- Lisa

This is what we did for Halloween last year. I have 2 Halloween pumpkin baskets for each kid. One is empty and the other is filled up with Halloween toys and such . We let our kids trick or treat. Then, when we get home I switch the bags. And it works like a charm out of sight out of mind . I also make a few kid friendly items. Last year we did pumpkin cookies on a stick decorated and pumpkin head lolly pops. My kids are totally fine with any of the food choices. Also to last year we gave out stickers and toys. I refuse to hand out candy. I'm sure that our children will have a good time regardless of what they do .

My kids go trick or treating to a few neighbourhood houses (10-12 houses). Some of the neighbours who know about the diet give them stickers, apples, raisins etc in little halloween bags. When they get home we separate the junk and either toss it in the garbage, or give it to older cousins and put the "good" stuff in a separate pile. (One year I found all the Halloween candy six months later stuffed in the back of a cupboard all sticky and gross) ††My kids love the dressing and knocking on doors more than the actual treats. I always make a big deal about the costumes, paint their faces and take their pictures. When they get home we have cupcakes, candies etc. that I had made for them. Last year I also got some extra stickers and Halloween toys at the dollar store.
-- Sheila

I did something like this one year when we still did the Halloween thing. My two older kids had way too much candy, I think they were 3 and 4 at the time. I let them have all they wanted for 1 day. Then the "Tooth Fairy" came and took all the candy but left money to buy a toy with. Because the tooth fairy knows too much candy is bad for the teeth they weren't allowed to buy candy or gum with the money. Worked like a charm!
-- Carey

†We are going to go to the houses before kids get there and ask the neighbors to give a toy. We are going to put candy on our doorstep.
-- Anna

Regarding Halloween, I thought I'd do one of the following or a combo of the two.
1) make up a story that if you leave your candy out at night, the great pumpkin will come and leave a bag of surprises (dollar store will do for a 3 year old!)
2) telling her we are taking the candy to be given to children who aren't able to go trick or treating. I figure it will never make it to the kids at the hospital, but perhaps the guards or receptionist at the hospital will graciously accept it and enjoy it. She'll never know.
-- Carol in IL

Here is my compilation of ideas for Halloween. Marathon baking and prep starts this weekend:
1. I have dried some carrot circles and ground them in my blender until they are a fine orange powder. I will also try drying blueberries and doing the same thing to get blue. I do not know what to use to get black (ideas anyone - and don't say activated charcoal!).
2. I am making SCD marshmallows from scdrecipe.com and will be cutting them out in pumpkin shapes with orange carrot powder on top.
3. I am making the honey frosting recipe in BTVC and cooking the honey to the hard ball stage, or maybe beyond. Last time I did that I ended up with a nougat-like dough that Matthew loved. I'll be rolling them into balls and hopefully wrapping in orange Saran wrap (if I can find it).
4. I am making cookies and sticking marshmallow circles on top (the marshmallows are very sticky unless you put flour on them). I am then using some Halloween stencils to make decorations on top with my carrot and blueberry powder.
5. I just whipped up the peanut butter cake recipe into cupcakes, they look very good and I will be frosting and decorating them for his school party.
-- Alice

Split Medjool dates part way down the median, fill with nut butter or softened cheese and put a walnut half on top.

The peanut butter caramels on www.pecanbread.com are fabulous. We made them with extra light olive oil or ghee instead of butter.

Oriental Trading company has LOTS of little non-edible Halloween favors. One year we gave out glow-in-the-dark, squishy eyeballs. Kids thought they were fabulous. Spider rings, whistles etc, are all fun. When I was a kid, our favorite stop was a house that gave out apple cider - a welcome drink in our long night of traipsing about the neighborhood.
-- Sue, Edís mom

Instead of going trick or treating (my kids 7yrs and 4yrs know we are trying to "fix Eli's tummy") we are going to a hotel. My kids love hotels and swimming etc...
We are still going to have a Halloween Party with apples and jello and still dress up, do arts and crafts and be silly. I'm still letting them get a new costume and I'm taking our Halloween costume box and they can dress up and change into all of them from past years too.
They are fine with this and actually excited about it. Eli was just saying this morning "I am so excited to go to the hotel and have our Halloween Party".
-- Laurie

For our boys we have so far developed a "trading in" system where they trade in whatever is not legal for things like small toy (dollar store or educational item like a puzzle). They can also trade in for trips to the skate park, pool, library or whatever else I can muster enough energy to do. I try to do things that I would have done anyways and just strategically place these as positive reinforcement for the old things they are giving up.
-- Millie