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We want to thank Tanya Krievel and Rachel Turet for these FAQ. Newer updates are marked as "Pecanbread Update"

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Frequently Asked Questions

        all spice
        Advice for a Bad day
        Advocating for Yourself 1
        Advocating for Yourself 2
        Aged Cheese
        Aloe products
        Aloe Vera
        Apple Juice and Apple Cider
        Azulfidine and Asacol
        B12 Deficiency and Supplements
        Bacterial Strains
        Baker's Yeast
        Bark Tea
        Bean Flour
        Bitter Gourd
        Bok Choy
        Bone Loss
        Bowel Resection - One SCDer's Experience
        BTVC - Waiting for it to Arrive
        BTVC in Spanish
        Butyric Acid
        Breaking the Vicious Cycle - Hebrew Edition
        Calcium Enriched Juices
        Canned Pumpkin
        Canola Oil
        Carbohydrate to Fat Ratio of Yogurt
        Carbohydrates in Fruit
        Carbohydrates - Food Labeling and Indigestible Carbohydrates
        Carlsons Fish oil
        Carrageenan and Seaweed
        Casein, Opioids and SCD Goat Yogurt
        Casein Sensitivity
        Cat's Claw
        Cellulose Gum
        Cellulose - The Difference Between Cellulose and Starch
        Cellulose in Supplements
        Cherimoya - Custard Apple
        Children's Liquid Multivitamin
        Cider (alcoholic)
        Cider (pressed apple juice)
        Clostridium Difficile
        Clostridium Difficile - Safe and Unsafe Antibiotics
        Clostridium Difficile Testing
        Coconut Oil
        Codex General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods
        Cold Remedies
        Constipation - Continued
        Corn Products
        Cottonseed Oil
        Cultured butter
        Using Dannon Yogurt for Starter
        Date Sugar
        Diagnosis - What's in a name?
        D-lactic acid
        D-Mannose in Fruit
        Dried Fruit
        DCCC - Dry Curd Cottage Cheese
        DCCC Fat Content
        DCCC - Frienship Brands
        Decafinated Products
        Diet and sports soft drinks
        Digestive Enzymes and SCD™
        E Codes for European Food Additives
        Electrolyte Drink
        Elemental Diets
        Epsom Salts
        Ezekiel Bread
        Fanatical Adherence
        Farmers Cheese
        Fast Food
        Fermenting You Own Foods
        Flagyl and Alcohol
        Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil
        Food Journal
        FOS - Fructooligosaccharides
        Fructose Intolerance
        Hidden Sweeteners in Fruit Juice
        Genetically Modified and Engineered Food
        Genetics vs. Environment
        Grain and Our Evolutionary Heritage
        Grass Fed Dairy and Meat
        Grasses - Juice from Grasses
        Green Tea
        Herbal Remedies
        Hidden Sweeteners in Fruit Juice
        Homeopathy and SCD™ legality
        Honey and Complex Sugars
        Honey and Sucrose
        How - Not Why
        Hydrolized Protein
        Immunology and the Gut
        India - SCD in India
        India - SCD in India 2
        Intestinal Microorganisms in CD & UC
        Introductory Diet
        Iron Supplements
        Juices - Why we should dilute them
        Labeling in Canada
        Lactaid Milk
        Lactose Hydrolized Milk
        Lactose Intolerance and Cheese
        Liquid Chlorophyl
        Liver - Failing to detoxify?
        Low Carbohydrate SCD
        Maple Syrup
        A K'zayis of Matzah
        Medications - The Use of
        Milk Thistle
        Monterey Jack
        Mozarella - Lactose Free
        Mucilaginous Carbohydrates
        Mucilaginous Herbs
        Nutritional Values
        Omega Fatty Acids
        Opiate Derivatives
        Pain Indices
        Pau d'Arco
        Pea Flour
        Pine Nuts
        Pistachio Nuts
        Polysorbate 80
        Potassium - Time Released
        Primal Defense
        Probiotics - How they Work
        Probiotics and the Standard American Diet
        Processed Food
        Prometheus Test
        Protein Powder
        Raw vs. Cooked Fruit & Vegetables
        Root Vegetables
        Saccharides - Good and Bad
        Salt - Dextrose in Salt
        SCD in Comparison to the Atkins Diet
        Mixing SCD With Other Diets
        SCD Redux
        Seed Butters
        Seeds and Seed Flour
        Sesame Seeds         Short Chain Fatty Acids
        The Science Behind the Diet
        Slippery Elm
        Society for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Rights
        Soil-Based Organisms
        Soy Sauce
        Sprouted Grain Bread
        Sugar Alcohols
        Tartaric acid
        Tips for New SCDers
        Tomato Juice - Canned
        Travel Tips
        V8 Juice
        Vitamins & Nutrition
        Vanilla Extract
        Water Chestnuts
        Vegeterians considering SCD™
        Weight Loss
        Whey Isolate
        Weights and Measures - Nut Flour Equivalence
        How to Make SCD Yogurt
        Yogurt 101
        Yogurt - Its Necessity to the Diet
        Yogurt - Amount to use as a starter
        Yogurt - Making it in Bulk
        Yogurt - Amount per day
        Yogurt Cheese
        Commercial Yogurt
        Commercial Yogurt - Continued Fermentation
        Yogurt Cultures
        Yogurt Cultures' Life Expectancy
        Yogurt - Probiotic Count per Tablespoon
        Limit of Three Cups of Yogurt Per Day
        Exception to the Three Cup a Day Limit on Yogurt
        Yogurt Water

"We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his ability to digest does harm."
    Dr. Samuel Gee

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